Looking fresh faced Feeling like a disgrace.

Every Sunday I like to take some time to look after my skin.Its one of the largest organs of our body and has a many  important functions.

Structure of the Skin Pic from webmd

Everyday its exposed to extremes of temperatures, pollution, oxidative stress. This along with a chronic illness, malnutrition, dehydration and taking medication means you have to be even more viligant.
Do you ever get a week where you are stuck in bed all week , or you get out once and have to go straight to bed after and you’re stuck there for days after. 


Its those weeks I really need a deep cleansing facial.

If I have make up on or I want to wash my fce first I will use a cleansing balm like Botanics cleansing balm or Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash.

This was my chosen Sunday facial this week as my skin needed some deep cleansing.

Steps 1,2 and 3

Step 1

I first used @soapandglory #scrubyournoseinit as an exfoliater.It is an AHA exfoliater, meaning it has alpha hydroxy acids.

No you’re not puting acid on your face 😯 these are natural fruit acids that dissolve the dead skin cells .

It has Japanese citrus fruits which are high in antioxidants.

 Its very cooling mask and because you dont actually have to scrub it you can just apply and let it sit and let the AHAs do their job, (think little pacman eating up the dead skin cells) it would be good for more fragile skin.

It also has natural clays like Kaolin which draw out impurities from the skin.

Afterwards you will see a clear difference in the texture of your skin.Once a week and blackheads start to disappear.

After I wash this off I move on to step 2 .

Step 2 

I use @nipandfab #kalefixmask .It is the perfect mask for after exfoliation.

It has witch hazel which will tone the skin and Koalin which will continue to decongest the skin. 

But the most important is that it is extremely soothing and hydrating.

 It contains sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter, Shea butter and cucumber extract.All so soothing and nourishing.After this your skin will look radiant and feel amazing.

I love this Kale Mask for nip+fab

At every night time before bed I usually do Step 3

You don’t have to do it on the night after exfoliating and using a mask you could just use a serum or moisturizer. I love Nip and Can Dragons Blood Serum for hydration or Soap and Glory overnight moisture rescue.

Dragins blood range is very hydrating

What I used is in step 3 is @nipandfab #glycolicfix extreme night pads and glycolic fix overnight purifying gel.

These help continue the skin renewal process throughout the night and I wake with a bright hydrated and super soft skin in the morning.
So thats how I spend most of my Sundays.

 I mix up the products as I need to I change masks and exfoliater depending on what my skin needs that week.

Hope this helps 💜

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