I never wanted to write or blog , I just keep people updated on my EDS journey on Facebook and express the other side of myself through my Instagram @eds_mybeautifulstripe

Here i will try to merge them both with my collective thoughts , put them into words and mish mash them into paragraphs. Sounds easy , right ? 🤔

Well here we go. Welcome to EDS My Beautiful Stripe.

I have a very abnormal life living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Chiari , aai instability, pots and gastropaerisis. I try to show the most positive side of my life as best i can.

This is a place where I’ll talk all things living with chronic illness which is just everyday  living for me so it will be a mixed bag. My past life and interests will shine through.

But im a true believer that having a positive mental attitude as much as possible is medicine in itself.

What makes my case different is I travel abroad for specialist treatment with the help of others fundraising for me. So I will also keep everyone updated on my progress here.

Bare with me while I figure it out and I can’t be typing alot in one go.



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